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Natural Vitamin Supplements

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Vitamin supplements are a necessary part of everyone’s daily routine. Regardless of age or current health, getting a full supply of vitamins and minerals every day is extremely important for each and every person.

Even if you feel like you’re in great health, you may be missing important vitamins that play a key role in helping you stay healthy. Nutritional health supplements are essential to complete health, and one of the very best ways to get what you need is by taking natural vitamin supplements.

Many people don’t realize that the vitamin supplements that they take could be synthetic. While vitamins can be made synthetically with the same molecular structure as those occurring in nature, they don’t deliver what natural vitamins do.

The reason for this is that nature makes vitamins with “extras” that cannot be reproduced in a laboratory setting.  The biggest difference between natural and synthetic is that natural supplements have co-factors.

Co-factors are a fairly recent discovery and they still are not fully understood. What is known is that these substances occur naturally with a given vitamin, and they help make the vitamin effective by acting as catalysts.

When a natural vitamin supplement is properly processed, the co-factors remain with the vitamin giving your body a definite advantage over synthetics. It’s impossible at this time to create a synthetic vitamin that comes with co-factors.

Another very important reason why natural vitamin supplements are better is that when derived from the natural source, they come in complexes, rather than alone. Vitamins always work better in their natural complex.

You can purchase synthetic complexes, but the natural ones trump the synthetics simply because they were put together by nature rather than in a laboratory. Make sure that you do your homework and read labels when you are looking for natural vitamins. Unfortunately, the word natural is used rather loosely in labeling, so pay close attention.

Often, vitamin supplements that are created in labs come to you in the form of pills and capsules with fillers, colors and preservatives. While this might make them last longer and look prettier, you certainly don’t need the extra ingredients. Those extras might even be unhealthy for you.

Your body is pretty picky about what it finds usable and what it cannot use. Sometimes, synthetic vitamin supplements are actually made from unusable forms of the vitamin, and provide little or no health benefit at all!

Far superior to synthetics, natural vitamin supplements provide your body with a complete and healthy source of nutrients that compliment your already healthy diet. Vitamins and minerals are essential to each of us and help the body to produce the building blocks of life.

Without vitamins and minerals, we find ourselves ill, run-down and weak. Certainly, your first source of nutrition should be a healthy diet, but you also need high quality nutritional health supplements to assure optimal health.