Essential amino acids are those that are vitally important to your body’s makeup and composition.  Without these important building blocks of the human body, your health and wellness would be in jeopardy as your body would struggle to regulate hormones and build tissue.  Ensuring you consume adequate essential amino acids can have beneficial implications for your health and appearance.

The types of amino acids you require depend on your gender and age.  One food that provides a variety of acids important to all individuals is fish.  Eating natural fish is a great way to stock your body with essential amino acids.  However, for those who do not have a taste for fish or fish oil, SeaAloe can provide all of the essential amino acids in a great tasting liquid supplement.

Amino acids are an important building block for proteins.  These proteins make up the nature of living tissue in all living creatures.  While other nutrients are vital to the function of the human body, only amino acids are responsible for nurturing the growth of all tissues and ensuring your body’s immune system responses are efficient.

The biochemistry of the body is regulated through amino acid consumption.  Hormonal responses, tissue building, and other functions rely on adequate amino acids to be present in the body at all times.  Because amino acids are available in so many forms of foods, it is hard for any individual to completely lack these essential nutrients.

However, an abundance of essential amino acids within the body assures proper function and energy levels.  Because amino acids play an important role in the production of skin cells and muscle tissues, they are also important for beautification reasons.  Seeking to improve your dietary intake of amino acids will have positive implications for your health and appearance. 

The building blocks of the cells that make up every square inch of your body are powered by amino acids.  Ensuring you take in adequate amounts of these essential nutrients is one step towards health, wellness, and beauty.

SeaAloe contains over 80 nutrients and all essential amino acids in a great tasting liquid. Try SeaAloe today.


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