Vitamins are essential to your health and well-being, but did you know that without minerals, vitamins could do nothing for you?  Vitamins need minerals to work effectively.
Your body can produce a few vitamins on its own, but it can’t produce any minerals. You have to get minerals from outside sources. Minerals, like those found in products like SeaAloe, are essential in the make up of your body and all of its organs, bones, muscle, tissues, nerve cells and even your blood.
Without minerals, your well-being – both physical and mental – will be compromised.   Minerals and trace minerals (those which are needed in very small amounts) are the catalysts for biological functions such as helping transmit messages via your nervous system, and muscle response.
Minerals also help your body use the nutrients it receives from food. There are several major minerals that your body needs to operate and a number of trace minerals as well. Each serves a specific purpose and it’s important to have enough of each for your body to be really healthy.
Here is a small listing of common minerals and trace minerals and what they do:
• Boron – needed in small amounts, assists in the absorption of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium, especially in older people.
• Calcium – essential for strong bones and teeth. Helps prevent osteoporosis in women. Also helps with proper heart function.
• Chloride – helps with production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
• Chromium – involved in the metabolism of glucose, it helps keep blood sugar levels stable.
• Cobalt – which aids with biosynthesis of vitamin B12.
• Copper – helps with the formation of bones and blood components.
• Iodine – helps regulate energy and metabolism by creating thyroid hormone.
• Iron – helps to form hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body via blood.
• Magnesium – necessary for metabolizing calcium and vitamin C. Important for a number of regulatory functions.
• Manganese – needed for both fat and protein metabolizing and a number of other functions.
• Phosphorus – needed for blood clotting, cell growth and normal heart rhythm.
• Potassium – essential for the nervous system and proper heart function.
• Selenium – an anti-oxidant that protects cells and helps with many other functions.
• Silica – necessary for the formation of collagen, it may also protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
• Sodium – an important electrolyte.
• Zinc – performs numerous functions including boosting immunity
Even with the very brief description of minerals above, it’s easy to see that they’re absolutely essential to your total health. It’s important to make sure that you find excellent mineral supplements, like those that can be found in SeaAloe to keep your body at its peak.
Your physical and mental health and well-being are the most important possessions you’ll ever have. It’s up to you to protect your health by eating a consistently healthy diet and supplementing that diet with quality vitamins and minerals.

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