The hectic lifestyle that most of us live today can keep us from eating a consistently good, healthy and whole diet. We sometimes, maybe often, rely on foods that are processed, maybe even fast food when we’re really on the run.

The truth of the matter is that realistically speaking, we don’t always eat the way we should, which would be to eat meals that are prepared from fresh, whole ingredients. In order to offset the effects of not eating optimally, you probably take a multi-vitamin, or vitamin supplements, and that’s good!

But, are you sure that your nutritional health supplement is doing everything for you that you want to think it is? Vitamin supplements come to you in a couple different ways. They can be synthetic or natural.

While synthetics are molecularly the same as natural vitamins, they still aren’t as good for you because they aren’t “whole.” They don’t come with the added bonuses that you get from natural vitamin supplements, and that’s a sad truth.

Natural vitamin supplements like SeaAloe come with a whole host of co-factors that serve as catalysts to make those vitamins effective. Lab created vitamins are made without co-factors.

Natural vitamin supplements also offer a lack of something – fillers, artificial coloring and preservatives that your body doesn’t need. And, probably most importantly, natural vitamins are “whole.”

What this means is that because they’re derived from sources from nature, you get the whole deal – the co-factors, the complexes, and the additional functional supplements that occur naturally with them. That’s what’s called a whole food vitamin, and these are the best for you.

Maybe you’ve heard of vitamin “isolates.” The word isolates is related to isolated and means that particular vitamin isolate has been separated out and is being dispensed to you in the form of a pill all by itself.

But vitamins don’t work well that way. In nature, they are produced together as a vitamin product that contains many substances that work in harmony, all boosting the effectiveness of each other.

This is much more effective than isolated vitamins or minerals alone. That’s why whole food vitamin supplements are so much better for your body. Often, whole food vitamins come in liquid form.

They’ve been extracted from the source and then made into a liquid that can be consumed easily. This is great if you don’t like to take pills. The added bonus to using liquid whole food vitamins is that the benefit is digested and usable to your body very quickly.

Just like eating whole foods that are minimally processed and cooked from fresh ingredients is healthier and definitely tastier, whole food vitamins are healthier. Processed and fast foods might still contain some nutrients, but because of the processing they’ve gone through to get to your table, the preservatives and other things that have been added, you’re only getting a fraction of the nutrition that you should be from a meal.

The situation is exactly the same with vitamin supplements. Your nutritional health supplements must be minimally processed and contain natural ingredients with all of their beneficial agents in tact.

In this way, your body will benefit so much more than if you take synthetic vitamins that offer isolates, fillers, artificial colors and unwanted preservatives. If you’re serious about taking care of your health, make sure you’re using whole food vitamin supplements.


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