What Are Whole Foods?

If you’re feeling sluggish and tired, you may want to check your diet. A major reason we often feel tired and don’t have the energy to do anything is because of what we eat. Putting unhealthy foods into our body can cause us to become sluggish and irritable, and we often gain weight.

Eating unhealthy foods can also lead to obesity, high cholesterol and even diabetes. Instead of eating unhealthy foods, why not try a more nutritional approach such as eating foods healthier foods.

Healthy foods such as whole foods are unprocessed which means they contain the nutrients our bodies love and need. And because they are unprocessed, they do not contain chemicals such as pesticides or anything that is artificial which can harm our bodies. Instead, they come straight from Mother Nature, unlike processed foods. Unprocessed foods are also fresh not frozen, since freezing can cause nutrients to be lost.

Compared to unprocessed, processed foods lose their nutrient value and often contain additives such as sugar, sodium, and fat. Most importantly, many of us do not realize just how harmful these unnatural additives can be.

When we are young, our bodies tend to be tolerant of all of the unhealthy processed foods that we tend to eat. Naturally, children are challenged everyday with the temptation of sugary snacks and sweets. While a treat every now and then is acceptable, eating tons of candy and other unhealthy snacks is not. This is very dangerous for a child’s body and can lead to serious complications when they grow older.

As we age, we tend to lose the nutrients our body needs. When we’re deprived of nutrients, our bodies stop responding, leaving us more venerable to disease and other risks. When our bodies age, we need those nutrients more than ever to prevent disease and keep us strong and healthy.

In order to keep our bodies healthy we need at least 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit every day. That is why eating whole foods like raw fruits, vegetables nuts and grains is so essential.

These foods can increase your energy, giving you the pep you need to start your day. Those same foods can also help you lose weight and make you feel fantastic about the way you look and feel.

 Why not get started in the right direction? Not sure where to start? Why not try blueberries, cranberries, grapes, and leafy plants such as spinach or broccoli to start. One simple change is all it can take to change your body and change your life.

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  1. Joy Says:

    For a while now, I have been trying to tell family and friends that processed foods are not the way to go. Not only do they make your body feels sluggish, studies show that they could actually affect specific illnesses within us. Just recently, I learned my son has Aspergers Syndrome. And we’ve learned for a long time that my stepson as PDD, which it is a form of Autism. With both my son and stepson having autism, there are many foods I have not included in their diet.

    Sugar was one of the main products that I decided needed to be eliminated from our household. In addition I chose to minimize caffeine as well. However, these are kids we are talking about and it’s often hard to get them to understand how sugar and caffeine can affect our bodies and increase symptoms in or illnesses because they’ve been addicted to them for so long. So on special occasions they are allowed soda but I try to make sure it does include caffeine. And we do make desserts, but I use natural sources such as honey or simply fruit to sweeten the taste. Since I have eliminated much of the sugar and caffeine in our diets I have noticed a very positive improvement in both of the boys.

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