Functional Food and Dietary Supplement

What is a functional food?

Functional Foods are foods or components of foods that provide extra health benefits. They go beyond the benefits gained from basic nutrition and can assist you in targeting specific health areas.

Samples of functional foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fortified foods as well as specially formulated dietary supplements.

Functional Food and Dietary Supplement

SeaAloe is one dietary supplement that combines perfectly with functional foods.

SeaAloe, the original Seasilver formula, has been highly tested and researched to provide a perfect choice for your health and well being. It contains only the highest quality ingredients which have been sourced from all over the world.

SeaAloe is in fact a liquid whole food dietary supplement and therefore is not only good for you, but incredibly easy to consume.

You only require 1 oz 2 times per day to top off your health regime. Mixed with a healthy functional food diet, SeaAloe will leave you feeling in amazing shape and fantastic health.

Due to the 80 minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals in SeaAloe, you’re assured of receiving a perfect balance of natural ingredients.

Some of the ingredients in SeaAloe include:

Vitamin A
Vitamin B Complex

The above are just an example of the 80 vitamins, macro-minerals, bio-elements, trace minerals and amino acids that make up SeaAloe.

Vitamins, which we are all familiar with, are organic substances.  They are required by the body to regulate the correct functioning of the cells.

Macro-minerals are defined as being minerals that humans require more than 100mg per day of to maintain optimum health. They can also be defined as minerals that are found in a normal adult human in quantities over 5g.

Amino acids are defined as the building blocks of proteins. In total there are 20 naturally occurring amino acids and SeaAloe takes advantage of these. The human body develops many amino acids, whilst we get others from the foods we eat. These are then broken down by the body so they can be used by our cells.

SeaAloe is an all natural functional food and dietary supplement made with a proprietary formula that includes plant based ingredients as well as nutrients in an easy to use liquid form. With this combination of quality natural ingredients, it is little wonder that SeaAloe has become the popular supplement that it is today.