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Support Your Immune System with Liquid Vitamins from the Sea


Did you know that beneath the sea are seven secret elements that can radically improve your health?  They’re harvested for a product called SeaAloe. Within the SeaAloe product, you’ll find a combination of the following ingredients: (1) Ascophyllum Nodosum (2) Kelp (3) Fucus Vesiculosus (4) Fucus (5) Chondrus Crispus (6) Nori (7) Ulva Lactuca. 


Each element separately has powerful natural antioxidants and minerals. But when you put them together in the perfectly balanced SeaAloe formula, you have the hidden nutrition of the sea delivered to you daily.


Whether you call it SeaSilver or SeaAloe (the SeaAloe formula is the original SeaSilver formula), this is the same essential whole food supplement that’s so needed to protect your body from the many sources of pollution in our world. The elements for this amazing product are harvested from cold water areas where purity is high.


Children, adults and senior citizens need immune system boosts to sustain health. When the immune system is well supported, the instances of frequent colds and routine illnesses decline or disappear.


Many medical conditions can be improved by support for the immune system. Of course people taking prescription medication want to get approval from their healthcare provider to use SeaAloe. 


As a tasty liquid vitamins and minerals supplement, SeaAloe is an easy way for children and older adults to get the nutritional supplement that they need without swallowing a handful of tablets as with other products. To determine the right amount for children, consult the healthcare provider.


SeaAloe isn’t just a liquid, but a liquid which has been custom designed for maximum rapid absorption into the body.  With such a high absorption rate, you can take less of it than with other products but get so much more out of the nutrition boost. SeaAloe is even Vegan certified – so whatever your approach to vegetarian or vegan diet, this product is compatible with your lifestyle choice. 


SeaAloe is also a great way to help your pet stay healthy. A teaspoon or two in the food for your dog or cat helps to strengthen their immune systems. Adjust the serving amount by the size of your dog or cat. Several pet food contamination scares have pet owners worried about what their pets are eating. Since you can’t always trust what’s in the pet food, do you part to support your pet’s immune system.


If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to use supplements that needed measuring, mixing and combinations that made you feel like an amateur chemist, then you’ll like the simplicity of using SeaAloe.


All you need to do is drink an ounce or two daily or mix it into your morning fruit juice. That’s it. You also have the assurance that SeaAloe is pure – containing only organic substances. There’s nothing synthetic or genetically modified. There’s no need for that, since SeaAloe ingredients come from under the sea in pure, chilled waters where nutrients thrive.


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