Kelp Increases Your Metabolism Automatically

There are a lot of people who feel they need to raise their metabolism. Even if you’re not currently concerned about weight loss, you might understand that since you’ve taken that job where you sit at your desk your life has become a lot more sedentary than it used to be.

What a sedentary lifestyle does for you is increase your chances of weight gain because if you remain basically motionless for long periods during the day, your metabolism slows down. Your metabolic rate raises and lowers throughout the day, depending on what you’re doing.

Metabolizing is your body’s way of providing energy when it needs it. If you’re not doing much and you’re sitting at your computer, then there’s no real reason why your body needs to create a lot of energy. You’re just not going to use it.

When you exercise, your body realizes that it needs to provide you with more energy. Since that’s true, you’re going to raise your metabolic rate. But not everyone has the ability to exercise every day or even as much as they need to.

There are ways to increase your metabolism besides exercising.  One of the most common ways to increase the metabolism is to take cinnamon supplements.  Other ways include eating spicy food.  One of the most passive ways you can increase your metabolic rate is to increase your daily intake of kelp.

Kelp is a type of sea vegetable, or algae, and it grows underwater in seaweed forests which are typically present in clear, shallow ocean shelves that have lots of nutrients available. It has a high growth rate.

Some of the varieties of this plant can grow as much as 1.5 feet per day. In its natural habitat, it’s either food or shelter depending on what end of the food chain you’re on. In your body’s endocrine system, you have a gland called the thyroid.

The thyroid is responsible for, among other things, regulating your body’s metabolic rate. If you don’t provide enough iodine to your body, then your thyroid will start to decrease its productivity level, and that’s a condition called hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is actually really nasty and has all sorts of undesirable side effects, from being tired all of the time, to being weak, having dry hair or losing your hair, becoming more pale, muscle cramping, constipation, depression, loss of memory, being irritable, dysmenorrhea, and the destruction of your libido.

Helping your thyroid out by providing the necessary nutritional supplements you need may increase the vital function of your thyroid. Taking the stress of a high workload from your thyroid will mean you can avoid having hypothyroidism.

Since iodine is a necessary supplement for your thyroid to increase its metabolism, and because kelp is a natural source for good levels of iodine, there are several methods for adding more iodine to your body through kelp.

Studies have shown that many people have gradually increased the amount of salt in their diet. This is a danger because increased salt can increase your risk for high blood pressure. Kelp is naturally salty and has actually been used by people as a salt substitute.

Taking kelp can be easily added to your routine - especially if you’re taking other dietary supplements in your daily life.  Even switching your nutritional supplements to one that has more kelp in it will help immensely.  Or, you could actually eat more kelp.  Kelp is available in many health food and Asian food stores, and in the SeaAloe whole food dietary supplement. 

SeaAloe is a whole food liquid vitamin and mineral supplement that is built around 7 sea vegetables, including kelp, and is an excellent source of natural iodine, in Nature’s perfect balance.

SeaAloe liquid vitamin and mineral supplement contains no synthetic man-made nutrients and is Vegan Certified.