Let Aloe Vera Help Lower Your

Blood Glucose Levels

The humble Aloe Vera plant seems like such an unlikely source of great healing properties, yet it is. Inside its cactus-looking leaves is a natural solution more powerful than what is made in some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

For centuries, Aloe Vera has been used by natural health practitioners for many conditions.  While there are actually over two hundred types of Aloe Vera, only four varieties are used for healing properties.

Among its natural properties, the mannose in Aloe Vera works to open clogged blood vessels, which allows the blood flow to resume normal operations. Another natural element in Aloe Vera, glucomannan, helps to manage blood triglycerides to remain within healthy range. 

Restoring and maintaining the blood glucose levels to the right amount for an individual’s height and weight is important for everyone, but it’s potentially life saving for someone with diabetes or someone who’s at risk for diabetes.

Diabetes (Type 2) is a serious medical condition with lifelong consequences. Leading up to that are a growing number of people, even children, whose poor nutritional choices and sedentary lifestyles cause the pre-diabetic and diabetic conditions which leave them at risk for bigger problems.  

Medical studies have found that Aloe Vera has a positive impact in stimulating the release of insulin, which actually lowers blood glucose levels. Animal studies were very positive while human studies with oral aloe vera gel show less effect, but still with improvements.

Additional research is underway with to find the right amount and usefulness of Aloe Vera as another treatment option for Type 2 Diabetes. Another way that Aloe Vera is beneficial for blood glucose levels is that is supplies a powerful package of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and complex carbohydrates.

In keeping the body properly nourished, the blood glucose sustains its balance. As the metabolic functions operate cleaner with right support from the blood stream, the entire body feels better, more energetic and alert.

Many uses for Aloe Vera are based on tradition, such as using the juice inside the leaves to sooth the pain from burns or for sunburned skin. Internal uses for aloe vera are still under study.

For some conditions, this is useful and less so for others. Taking other prescription medications might also have an adverse impact, so consulting with the physician before adding internalized aloe vera products is wise. 

People who have allergies to garlic, onion, tulips or plant from that same bulb-type variety could have an allergic reaction to aloe. For people who are committed to choosing natural healing methods over pharmaceutical, aloe vera gel may be an option in managing blood glucose levels.

If this is the choice, ongoing medical monitoring is important to verify the result. At the same time, other lifestyle factors need to be improved so that the total effect is a healthier body that’s better able to resist disease.

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