Liquid Vitamins

Vitamins are great for you regardless of the form they are taken in, but do liquid vitamins hold a bigger advantage over regular pills or chewable vitamins? This article will take a look at liquid vitamins and compare them to more traditional forms.

Liquid vitamins are actually easier for the body to digest compared with other methods of vitamins. It is easily absorbed because it is liquid, in comparison to a chewable or swallowed vitamin which first needs to be broken down in the body before the nutrients are used. I think we all agree that a liquid form of anything is easier to take than swallowing a pill as well!

It can be deduced that the biggest advantage of a liquid vitamin supplement such as SeaAloe liquid vitamins, is the quick absorption of the containing nutrients. It is also believed that the absorption rate is higher for liquid vitamins, so your body makes use of the entire dosage, leaving none go to waste as may happen with traditional vitamins that go through the digestive tract as they are broken down.

Why use SeaAloe liquid vitamins instead of pills?

SeaAloe liquid vitamins are easy to take and easy for your body to take advantage of all the goodness contained in each dose. You will receive over 80 essential minerals, vitamins, trace minerals, bio-elements and amino acid in each dosage of SeaAloe liquid vitamins. Because it is liquid, you can be sure that none of the ingredients are lost.

SeaAloe contains high quality whole food ingredients and does not require mixing, shaking or preparation. Simply take 1oz 2 times a day and you will reap the benefits of the naturally occurring ingredients in SeaAloe.

It contains a proprietary formula of plant-based ingredients which have never been chemically enhanced, and there are no unnatural additives. SeaAloe simply gives you what you would receive if you were to eat all of the foods that contain the ingredients.

Let's face it; we just don’t have time to track everything we eat, so taking a liquid vitamin supplement like SeaAloe is a great way to fill in the nutritional gaps.

SeaAloe should not replace a balanced diet; rather it should be used in conjunction with one. You will still require the nutrition you receive from solid food, whilst SeaAloe provides you with some of those rarer vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can be hard to come by in the food we eat.