Natural Vitamin Supplements vs. Man-Made Synthetic Vitamins


Science is amazing in its ability to duplicate natural things. Man-made fabrics can feel just like fine silk at a fraction of the price. Man-made flooring looks remarkably like prized hardwood, yet is more durable and cheaper.

But when it comes to nutrition, nature has the upper hand. Even the idea that a synthetic, laboratory created vitamin could be a replacement for a natural vitamin supplement is ridiculous.

Natural vitamin supplements start and end with real substances from nature that are known to build up the body. Synthetic vitamins are at best, cheap pretenders. From a manufacturer’s perspective, synthetic vitamins can be less expensive to produce - so the profit margin is much higher.

Keeping the “natural” in natural vitamin supplements is clearly more expensive to produce but it’s also more valuable to the consumer.  Nutritional health supplements are no longer relegated to health food stores.

You can find vitamin supplements on the shelves at the grocery, discount retailer and even convenience stores. Too many consumers are fooled into thinking that a product labeled “natural” or “vitamin supplement” is actually all natural. That’s just not true and uninformed consumers are getting very little nutritional value for their money.

Synthetic vitamins want to dress up and look good, while natural vitamin supplements are less interested in putting on a show. Synthetic vitamins add artificial coloring or flavors, which are not found in natural vitamins.

They also play another chemical game which is “a little bit goes a long way.” A synthetic Vitamin C can be made with large amount of starch. Since starch is a natural substance, the synthetic Vitamin C can be called “natural.”

The question is, which do you think is more natural: starch or the bioflavinoids that come from a real orange? If you’re buying a vitamin supplement because you want whole food vitamins, is that what you get with synthetics?

Laboratories have produced wonder drugs and many useful items. Nature produced even more wonder drugs in the form of plants and herbs. Chances are, we don’t even know all of the possibilities for healing from natural substances.

Take for example, Sea Aloe, found in pure, cold waters of the ocean. This powerful antioxidant delivers high potency from a small amount of liquid daily. Since our bodies are natural, it makes sense to sustain wellness with legitimately natural supplements.