Synthetic Vitamin Supplements

Are a Waste of Money

 The first part about understanding how man-made synthetic vitamin supplements are a waste of money is to understand the difference between synthetic and natural vitamin supplements.  Natural is anything that occurs in nature and synthetic is anything fabricated by man to try to recreate a naturally occurring phenomena.

It’s been argued that scientists can sufficiently recreate vitamin supplements that will mimic the effects of a naturally occurring vitamin.  While this may be true, there are certain factors that will render this completely untrue.

You’ll find it completely unlikely that you’d be able to take organs from several organ donors, find a host body, and assemble them, provide a shock, and then expect them to all function, right?

They may function, but does that mean you’ll be able to bring a dead person back to life? We can recreate a body, but scientists don’t have the capability to add that little bit of unknown ingredient from nature that we need in order to completely fabricate a natural occurrence.

The same is true while on a smaller scale for vitamin supplements.  There’s nothing so dramatic here, except there are nutrients that we can’t copy.  But, we can copy the effects of these phenomena.

The advantage to synthetic vitamins is that they are cheap, and you’re able to take a very concentrated dose if you’re lacking a particular vitamin in your system, so you’ll be able to get enough for your body in a short time.

The disadvantage is that your body has to figure out what to do with these manmade substances and process them accordingly. The reason for this is because while we’re able construct the likeness and while they’re biologically similar, they are not biologically identical. 

Through evolution, our bodies have learned how to process these naturally occurring vitamins, but these cheap manmade synthetics are fairly new and have a similar structure, but break down somewhat differently.

By flooding your body with synthetic vitamins, you’re essentially forcing your body to rework what it knows in order to provide the same nutrients that it needs. The danger is that the benefit of the nutrient is lost if your body has to pre-process the vitamin.

Using naturally occurring vitamin supplements, your body will know exactly what to do with it, and your energy won’t be wasted.  Your body has a limited amount of resources.  When you’re sick, you become fatigued because your body is using its energy to heal your body.

One of the biggest dangers people will run in to will be to grab one of the large packs of cheap synthetic vitamins from the store and call it a day. They’re cheap and contain a lot of supplements. Unfortunately, you do get what you pay for.

Because they’re cheap, they are made with substandard practices and may not even provide enough of the synthetic nutrients to even warrant trying something other than natural or they will have lots of extra chemicals that are harmful to the body.

Every person’s body is different and requires different levels of vitamins.  It’s best to consult with your doctor because some vitamin supplements can actually be hazardous to your health if taken in incorrect quantities or can even interact with other vitamins, supplements, and medications you might be taking.