What Is the Primary Benefit of Using SeaSilver?

The wealth that exists under the sea is more than just fish and coral - it’s a nutritional treasure chest. It’s no wonder that SeaSilver is a balanced whole food dietary supplement that owes its power to nature.

(Editor’s Note: SeaSilver is now SeaAloe. SeaAloe has acquired the exclusive rights to the original Seasilver formula, and is now the exclusive source for the original Seasilver formula, now marketed and distributed under the new SeaAloe brand and label.)

In fact, this high quality, whole food dietary supplement that some people know as SeaSilver, now known by the name of SeaAloe. You’ll just call it “Amazing” when you feel the benefits of liquid dietary supplements.

The best feature of Seasilver is its nutritional power. All you have to do is take one ounce, once or twice daily to get the benefit of over 80 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace minerals.

You don’t need to be a kitchen chemist to use this product. The entire family can use Seasilver - from children to adults to elderly individuals. And you don’t have to try to mask the taste to get the children to drink it. Seasilver mixes easily in drinks or tastes great by itself.

You know how hard it can be to get the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Before long, you have a kitchen counter full of vitamin bottles and you’re taking a handful of pills and capsules several times a day just to get a full spectrum of nutritional supplements. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s expensive. Most people just give up, and when they do – they’re giving up on their health.

Getting the right dietary supplement that provides quality nutritional replacements in a way that’s easy and convenient is what most people want. That’s why liquid vitamin-mineral supplements are so popular, but what many of them offer in convenience, they lack in nutritional power.

Then there’s the issue of absorption - how many real vitamins and minerals get into the body? With tablets, much of the product is lost in the digestive process, leaving less than 20% of the useful nutrition. Don’t be fooled into thinking that any liquid is good for absorption - that’s not true. Some of them lack a high absorption rate.

Sea Silver is a liquid with over 90% absorption rate into the cells. That means you get far more for your money and have the peace of mind that you’re getting consistent nutritional boost with twice daily intake. At the same time, Seasilver has a berry taste so you can take it directly from a shot glass or mix with your juice.

The minerals in Seasilver are harvested from cold-water locations where the purity of the water comes from natural eco-systems, void of the pollution common in warm waters or in waters near the shore.

The body fights off many pollutants daily. You need a surge of natural nutrients like you’ll get with Seasilver to be your ally in gaining back and maintaining optimal health. If you want to stay healthy into your golden years, reach for Seasilver, because it’s the ideal way to support your body’s nutritional needs.