Whole Food Vitamins

Whole food vitamins provide the building blocks the body needs to attain and maintain wellness at any age. More and more people are realizing the deficits in our diet and are looking for vitamin supplements.

Unfortunately, many are uninformed about what’s on the shelves. Every bottle that proclaims “vitamin supplement” or “natural vitamin supplement” isn’t the real deal. You can bet that the cheaper products touting themselves as “Natural vitamin supplements” are actually synthetic, man-made vitamins.

That may seem sneaky, but it slides under the radar enough to be legal. As for being ethical, that’s a matter of opinion. Yes, whole food vitamins cost more than cheap imitations.

What is the dollar value of good health to you? Would you like to live longer or live better as you live longer? For most of us, the difference in quality of life can be improved by taking care of our bodies from the inside out.

Our bodies are designed to function best on natural vitamins and minerals as are found in whole foods and natural foods. Vitamin C is great but never as fine as eating a fresh, juicy orange.

If your body had a vote, it would choose natural foods every time. Unfortunately, we choose foods based on convenience, habit and price point - all of which has left too many people sick, tired and unhealthy. That was a huge price to pay.

Whole foods are unprocessed, presenting the way nature made them. Synthetic foods are dressed up with food coloring, flavor enhancers and even smells that mimic the natural foods.

Your eye and your nose may be fooled, but your body isn’t. Synthetic foods lack the nutritional and antioxidant value of whole foods. The same comparison is true with synthetic vitamins versus whole foods vitamins. The laboratory products are no match for nature in quality.

A genuine whole foods vitamin product can pass the rigorous qualification to earn certification given by the NSF or ISO. These organizations are independent parties, not connected to any food manufacturer so they can remain impartial. Look for NSF or ISO approval on the label of whole foods vitamins as a sign of high quality and high standard in manufacturing.

Because whole foods vitamins give a boost to add the vitamins and minerals missing from your daily diet, it’s important to choose high quality supplements. These products support your immune system, the body’s front line of defense against disease.

Whole foods vitamins keep your elimination system running smoothly, preventing constipation and gastrointestinal problems. Powerful anti-oxidants found in whole foods vitamins and supplements also fight free radicals that cause skin to age. Taking a whole foods vitamin product with strong anti-oxidants literally fights ravages of aging better than a box of expensive creams and cosmetics.

On a daily basis, our bodies are exposed to harmful environmental toxins. A puny synthetic vitamin tablet is like trying to knock out a tank with a paper airplane. Your body needs the firepower of natural whole foods vitamins to protect and defend your health.