Why Many Prefer Liquid Nutritional Supplements Over Pills


One of the biggest reasons that people don’t take nutritional supplements is that they hate to swallow so many pills so many times a day. It’s inconvenient and irritating. So they just don’t bother.

Liquid nutritional supplements are definitely a more popular way to take vitamins and minerals. But don’t let the convenience of a liquid get confused with the nutritional value of a liquid nutritional supplement.

The key benefit to using whole food liquid nutritional supplements is the high absorption rate. That’s the actual amount of useable vitamins and minerals that get into your body. Unless the absorption rate is high, as it is with SeaAloe, then a liquid is no better than a tablet.

SeaAloe is designed for maximum absorption, which is extremely important for older adults who favor liquids for the ease of swallowing. For this reason, older adults greatly appreciate the convenience and high absorption rate SeaAloe has to offer.

Before you cling to a stack of vitamin pills, be aware that tablets, even those from natural food stores, don’t digest fully in the stomach. If you take several vitamins at once, it’s a guessing game as to how much of each one really gets into your system at the cellular level.

Even the Physician’s Desk Reference, depended on by doctors for generations, reported that only approximately 10% of vitamin tablets are absorbed. That’s hardly worth the effort!

Imagine how many pills and tablets you’d have to swallow to even push that up to 50%. The SeaAloe liquid whole food vitamin and mineral supplement has a 95% absorption rate based on one or two ounces of tasty liquid consumed daily. Which would you choose?

As a high quality liquid nutritional supplement, aloe vera is the base for SeaAloe (instead of water). Even though the seven powerful nutritional elements grew in the sea, the best way to preserve them for consumption is in the aloe liquid.

Not only does aloe act as the combiner for these elements, but it’s also another powerful element in its own right. Aloe Vera is known as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.

SeaAloe contains the ideal seven seas blend, including: (1) Ascophyllum Nodosum (2) Kelp (3) Fucus Vesiculosus (4) Fucus (5) Chondrus Crispus (6) Nori (7) Ulva Lactuca. The nutrient-rich SeaAloe product delivers a positive punch of iodine, potassium, beta-carotene, selenium and heart defender, magnesium.

Finding all of these elements in a pure form with one ease daily dose makes SeaAloe something that you can take every day - whether at home or traveling.

With SeaAloe, you have no more excuses not to take your vitamins and minerals.